Notes to Self: Garden

This afternoon Julie and started putting the garden to bed, and I thought I should really do what I always say I’m going to do, which is take some notes in the fall about that I want to remember in February and March as we’re planning and planting next year’s garden.

So here they are:

  • It’s possible we don’t need quite as many tomatoes. In any event, we need some new tomato cages, we need to space the plants a little further apart, and we need to tie them up to sturdy, deeply sunk stakes early and often.
  • We don’t need as much basil. Maybe more varieties this year.
  • You can never have too many greens (especially if you are married to Julie).
  • At least as much, if not more, lettuce, but for goodness sakes stagger it better!!
  • When we go to Vermont in the winter, talk to Dad* specifically about peas and brassicas. His are always so much nicer and more abundant than ours. Talk about what types, and also when to plant and how to deal with the beetles that devoured our entire fall crop…..
  • MULCH MULCH MULCH MULCH MULCH. Must. Spend. Less. Time. Weeding. Next. Summer.
  • Build slowly on the perennial flower garden; think specifically about August-blooming plants that can stand the heat and fall-blooming plants that will still be pretty into cool weather.**
  • Flowers make you happy; plant lots of them.
  • Potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, fennel, more eggplant, more squash, more beans.

*My dad is a master organic gardener. All my life he was a back yard gardener, and in the 90’s and early 2000’s he was a pioneer in the Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, movement. He had one the first and largest organic CSA’s in Indiana, and if you participate now in a CSA, you can thank my dad for being a movement builder. He is now retired and lives with his partner Anne in Vermont, where they still grow most of their own food.

**Any suggestions out there dear readers?


About Marta Rose

I am a writer and a homemaker living in Philadelphia with my wife Julie and our children, Trixie and Micah.
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